Lady Gaga respectfully disagrees that singing doesn’t belong in movies

John Phillips/Getty Images for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Universal Pictures

Lady Gaga sees no harm in singing in movies.  Then again, she got an Oscar nomination for doing exactly that in A Star Is Born.  So when a disgruntled movie fan shared his thoughts on the matter, Gaga respectfully disagreed.

Gaga was doing a bit with BBC Radio 1, where listeners are invited to call in and share their unpopular opinions. When one caller said he hated singing in movies, Gaga initially said she saw both sides of the argument.

“I do love singing in movies,” Gaga said, but then admitted, “and also, I think it’s done really badly a lot, so I don’t completely disagree with you, so I have a slightly unpopular opinion, I guess.”

However, the gloves came off when the caller came for Mary Poppins, admitting that he cringed when the characters begin singing because he felt it made them look weak and stupid.

“How could you be mean to Mary Poppins?” Gaga exclaimed, before joking that Emily Blunt, who most recently played the magical nanny in Mary Poppins Returns, will “pay for some therapy for you and your traumatic experience with singing in movies.” 

Gaga added she would “take note” of the caller’s grievances” and sarcastically promised to “never take another film with singing, as I would not want to traumatize you further.”

It was all in good fun, though.  After exchanging some good-natured jabs with Gaga, the caller gave her his blessing to continue to sing in movies, because of her talent.

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