11-Year-Old Guitarist Goes Viral with School Performance, Wows Rock World

11-Year-Old Guitarist Goes Viral with School Performance, Wows Rock World

Cole Parsons, an 11-year-old guitarist from West Virginia, has become a viral sensation after a video of him playing in front of his 5th grade classmates was posted on social media.

Donning an Alice in Chains Dirt T-shirt, Parsons calmly ran through an original instrumental composition, stunning those in the room and millions who viewed the video online, shared by his mother on Instagram & Tik Tok.

Beginning with a melodic arpeggiated intro — something that would be at home on an ’80s Metallica album — Parsons proceeds through an inspired and tonally impressive chord progression that bares some resemblance to the album on his shirt.

While Parsons has proven himself to be a shredder in other videos, playing songs by Van Halen, System of a Down, and Mötley Crüe, it’s interesting to note that this viral clip showcases a rather subdued, yet accomplished piece. A burgeoning songwriter in the making.

Parsons has since posted videos of him playing other songs, some alongside his dad. He’s also appeared on local TV news stations, where he performed the very composition that launched him to viral status. Members of Mötley Crüe, 3 Doors Down, and more have commented on his clips and heaped praise on the prodigious guitar player, whose cool demeanor belies his surprise at the sudden fame.

Parsons is well on his way, having already been gifted some Stratocaster-style guitars and a care package from Capri Sun.

Below you can watch the original viral clip, as well as the local news reports.