With “One Less Day (Dying Young),” Rob Thomas wants you to know that getting older is a “privilege”

Randall Slavin

Rob Thomas‘ latest hit, “One Less Day (Dying Young),” from his forthcoming album Chip Tooth Smile, is about treating every day as a gift. Rob says it’s not about getting old; it’s about getting older — as opposed to the alternative.

“People are like, “Ah, getting old…it sucks,'” Rob tells ABC Radio. “And I’m like, ‘The alternative is so bleak!’  There’s only two options in the world: It’s either getting older or not getting older.”

“We lost some people that we’re really close with over the last few years,” Rob continues.  “And it puts a lot of perspective on getting older, because when you realize that it’s a privilege that’s not afforded to everyone, then it puts a different spin on it.”

“One Less Day” is one of three songs Rob’s released so far from the album; the others are “I Love It” and “Timeless.”  All three are very different, but Rob says he’s been “really fortunate” to have fans who are open to change.

“The fans in general, from [Matchbox Twenty‘s first hit] ‘3AM’ to, say, 2004, to ‘Lonely No More’…that was a big jump musically and stylistically,” he tells ABC Radio. “But they allowed me to do it and they came with me. And so, I think they know that I’m gonna try different things.”

Chip Tooth Smile comes out April 27, and Rob’s tour kicks off May 28.  This summer is also the 20th anniversary of his biggest hit, “Smooth.” Rob says he and Carlos Santana are trying to schedule a show together to celebrate the milestone.

“We want to connect somewhere on the West Coast [or] East Coast,” Rob says. “Like, on a day that I have off, I’ll just come and open up for him when we’re in the same place.”

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