What’s that “You Say?” Lauren Daigle scores first Top 40 pop hit

ABC/Eric McCandless

Lauren Daigle ended 2018 with two Grammy nominations. She’s starting 2019 with another milestone: Her first top 40 pop hit.

Lauren’s hit “You Say” has reached #34 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart and #9 on its Adult Pop Songs chart.  It’s  now the only top 10 song by a female artist simultaneously on the latter chart, and on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart.

Lauren wrote “You Say” after her career took off a few years ago and she wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

“It’s so funny, they never tell you when you finish an awards show, at the end of the high is kind of like the slump, where you’re a little bit like, ‘What is going on?’” she tells ABC Radio.

“I was brand new to all of it…and kind of walking into the unknown, and a lot of fear comes up in those moments. And so I knew that I needed to find identity in that space.”

Now Lauren’s song about her insecurity is being embraced by millions of others. 

“People like to be encouraged, people like to have…real truth given to them,” she says. “Everybody has fear, everybody has insecurity…I think that song is connecting because they want to feel encouraged…in the midst of their fear.”

“You Say” is the first song many people have heard from Lauren, but one of her longtime fans is a pop superstar: Selena Gomez, who’s often recommended Lauren’s music to her own fans. 

“Honestly, it’s humbling,” Lauren tells ABC Radio of having a celebrity fan club. “I don’t get freaked out about it as much as I get excited just thinking, ‘Oh, I love how much community is found in music’…it’s what brings us all together, so it’s fun when that happens.”

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