What is the perfect family TV show?

The perfect family TV show should be a comedy with 10 jokes per episode – and a ‘lovable animals.

A study of 1,000 parents found the ideal program would also have three plot twists, a ‘goodie versus baddie’ plot and be set on Earth

One in six also think family shows should be animated and fantastical while 45 per cent believe a funny ‘best friend’ character should feature.

Commissioned by Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? on behalf of Boomerang, it also emerged that the average family sits down to watch TV together 13 times a month.

More than a third of those polled said watching TV together is a quality family moment, and three in 10 feel closer to their child when they view a show with them.

Sean Gorman, from Boomerang said: “It’s great to see what parents believe are the important aspects of family TV shows, to entertain both them and their youngsters.

“Sitting down and viewing humorous programs together clearly helps both generations bond and encourages family fun.

“It’s good to see that laughter is so important to parents and families, as this is exactly what we put at the heart of everything we create at Boomerang.

“Scooby-Doo is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is a program that parents grew up loving and passed down from generation to generation.

“The results show how positive parents find watching TV with their child, making the new season of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? the perfect opportunity for a family sofa snuggle.”

The study also found 77 per cent of parents feel watching TV with their children is the recipe for family laughter.

When selecting something to watch as a family, 55 per cent opt for a program which will make them laugh, with 43 per cent believing slapstick and visual humor is ‘important’ to include in a family TV show.

A further three in 10 said ‘comedic’ viewing increases their happiness and 45 per cent notice their child’s laughter surge when watching television.

TV psychologist, Honey Langcaster James, said: “Watching TV with your family is a great way to increase the family bonds, and ensure you spend quality time together.

“A much-loved TV show allows you to get physically and emotionally close, as you snuggle up on the sofa, relax and laugh together – laughter being one of the best social bonding mechanisms we have as humans.

“The excitement of enjoying a show together can initiate a sense of well being, and the positive state of relaxation and relief from everyday stresses then becomes associated with family time – making the whole experience psychologically rewarding, emotionally nourishing and above all else, fun.