Watch now: Look at Adam Lambert with “New Eyes”

Tyler RowellAdam Lambert has unveiled his new single and video for “New Eyes,” the first release from his upcoming album Velvet.

The song, co-written and produced by Jamie Sierota, formerly of the band Echosmith, is a slinky, fuzzed-out, mid-tempo tune, which finds Adam singing, “No, I really wasn’t seeing all the things I should see/Damn, I was getting jaded ’til the day you looked at me/You got those new eyes, honey…I’d be so blind without your new eyes.”

“I wanted my first single to reflect my current state of mind and to bring listeners into a romantic, earthy vibe,” explains Adam in a statement. “‘New Eyes’ is a love letter to innocence and to finding new passions.”

The video, which is part one of what will be a short film, features several individuals whose true selves, creativity and passion are unlocked when they come into contact with a series of seemingly magical glowing green objects: perfume, a vinyl LP, a drink and a lipstick. 

For example, after smelling the perfume, two women suddenly start kissing.  After putting on lipstick, a gender fluid person dresses in women’s clothes. After listening to the LP, an artist starts painting wildly.  Adam is a mysterious figure throughout the video, dressed in velvet, walking around and singing.

The song Adam released back in February, “Feel Something,” will also appear on Velvet.  There’s no release date yet for the project.

Adam will perform “New Eyes” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” on this Sunday night’s American Idol finale.

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