Niall Horan wants Katy Perry to “stop being mean” to him after she calls him out for flirting

Kevin Mazur/WireImageKaty Perry may think Niall Horan is trying to flirt with her, but according to Niall, he just wants to be her friend.

During an interview with Australia’s The Project, Niall responded to Katy’s recent comments to a Sydney radio station claiming that he has repeatedly tried to get her phone number.

“Katy, please stop being mean to me,” Niall said with a smile. “She’s just finding any excuse now to patronize me and go around spreading rumors about me. I just want to be your friend!”

He added, “I wish everyone could be friends with Katy Perry, she’s hilarious.”

Niall was good-natured about the whole thing and to be fair, Katy did say that Niall is “amazing” and that she loves him.  According to Katy, she simply had reservations about him because she feels like she’s old enough to be his “babysitter” or his “mom.”

For the record, she’s 32 and Niall is 23.

“I mean, she’s talking like she’s about 55 years older than me. She’s not that much older than me!” Niall told The Project.

Katy did, however, judge Niall on The X Factor when he auditioned pre-One Direction. She was the deciding vote that put him through.

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