‘N SYNC’s Lance and Joey: From ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to Battle of the Network Stars’

L-R: Cameron Mathison, Kelly Osbourne, Adrienne Bailon, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass; ABC/Byron CohenBack in the ’70s and ’80s, ABC aired Battle of the Network Stars, which pitted celebrities against each other in a variety of fun games like Tug of War, Obstacle Course and Dunk Tank. Tonight at 9 p.m. ET, ABC’s reboot of the show debuts, and two guys participating used to watch the original when they were kids: ‘N SYNC’s Lance Bass and Joey Fatone.

This time around, there are 20 teams competing against each other in separate episodes.  Each team has a theme: TV Kids, Cops, Lawyers and more.  Lance and Joey are on a team called “Variety,” which also includes Cameron Mathison, Kelly Osbourne and Adrienne Bailon.

Was he concerned about looking silly?  Lance laughs, “No, because I literally thought I was gonna be so good at everything!”  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

“I thought I was gonna be pretty good at throwing a softball…um, I’m not,” Lance confesses. As for Joey, he admits, “I am the worst! I can’t play a sport to save my life!”

He adds “I had no idea we were doing, like, a frickin’ relay race around an actual track! I’m like, ‘I gotta run? A lot? And fast?'”

Still, Joey says doing this show was a lot easier than doing Dancing with the Stars, which both he and Lance did great on.  For one thing, Joey says, there wasn’t a live audience watching them run around like idiots.

“It’s not as nerve-wracking,” he says. “And there’s nobody really critiquing you. No one’s going, ‘Well, your head was here and your foot was there…'”

“There’s no technique or style,” Lance laughs. “It’s…’Win.'”

Two different teams will compete every week.  It’s not clear when Lance and Joey’s team will be up.

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