My life is a movie: Lil Nas X drops star-studded “Old Town Road” video

Eric LaggHe promised it would be like a movie, and it is: Lil Nas X has finally dropped the video for his viral hit “Old Town Road,” and it’s like an old Western crossed with Back to the Future III.

The clip opens on Old Town Road in 1889 with Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, both of whom have apparently robbed a bank. They’re being chased on horseback by a posse, led by Chris Rock. Rock orders the posse to hold up and when someone asks him why, he says, “When you see a black man on a horse going that fast, you just gotta let him fly!”

Billy Ray and Lil Nas pull up by a cabin, where they plan to hide out, but the guy who owns it has other plans: He starts shooting at them. Lil Nas runs for a nearby abandoned mine to escape the bullets, and falls down a tunnel, emerging on Old Town Road in 2019.

The people in the neighborhood stop and stare at Lil Nas X, who’s wearing 1880s-style cowboy gear, dodging cars on horseback. After beating guest star Vince Staples in a drag race, Nas takes his winnings and buys some fly modern cowboy gear.

Then Billy Ray pulls up in a Maserati with a bag full of money, and the two drive to a local bingo hall, where the senior citizens stop and stare — and so does rapper Rico Nasty, playing a woman who works there. 

Billy Ray and Lil Nas perform the song while senior citizens line dance, and producer/deejay Diplo plays the washboard. Lil Nas joins in, and the clip ends with him posing with an elderly woman in a cowgirl outfit front of a backdrop that says “Old Town.”

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