Meghan Trainor on why she postponed her album release: “I knew I could do better”

Epic RecordsMeghan Trainor is explaining why she decided to postpone the release of her album Treat Yourself, until some time next year.

The singer tells Entertainment Tonight she felt like she needed to up her game, so she’s changing up the track list and adding new songs.

“I had to get back in the studio because I knew I could do better,” she says. “I wrote a great pop album [but] I’ve just been so inspired by all the new music coming out. I’m a fan of it all and I got inspired and went, ‘Hold on, Meghan. We can do better.’”

She adds, “So, I went back in the studio and was really honest with myself and did more soca music, which I love. I [brought] more of my Caribbean stuff into my pop music, so that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Soca is a combination of calypso, funk and soul. Meghan’s uncle by marriage is a soca star, and she used to perform with him in his band.

In between recording new songs and playing shows, Meghan is trying to squeeze in time to plan her Christmas wedding to Daryl Sabara.

“It’s weird because I’m working right now, so I just looked at the schedule and it’s like, a bunch of radio shows, then you’ll have four days to figure out your wedding,” she tells ET with a laugh.

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