Meet your new “Boyfriends,” Social House

Parsa Ara

Unless you saw Ariana Grande’s Sweetener tour, it’s possible that until a few weeks ago, you’d never heard of Social House.  But after teaming with their longtime pal Ari for the new single, “Boyfriend,” the duo — Mikey Foster and Scootie Anderson — has now scored their first top-10 hit as artists.  And everyone’s talking about them.

“It’s really cool to see people enjoying something we were a part of in this way,” Mikey tells Billboard. “We’ve never been on Billboard or hit a chart, so this is the most insane feeling and time.”

He laughs, “Everybody started following us and our [social] engagement went crazy. I’ve seen so many memes of Scootie’s face.”

The Pittsburgh, PA natives have been working behind-the-scenes for several years, crafting songs for not only Ariana, but also Meghan Trainor, Chris Brown and Jennifer Lopez.  They first met via producer Tommy Brown, and all three shared a house in Sherman Oaks, CA that became a creative hub.

“Actually, we got our name from our Wi-Fi [in that house], because it was a social house,” Mikey tells ABC Radio. “And so we just took the name and kept it!”

“We had a bunch of creatives, musicians coming through every day. Painters and things like that. Instagrammers. Everybody coming through every day and working and collaborating,” he explains. “And so it became very much a social house.”

“It really explained the aesthetic of the house,” adds Scootie. 

In 2018, Social House released their debut single, “Magic in the Hamptons,” featuring Lil Yachty, which racked up over 100 million streams in a year.  Later that year, they released a second single, “Higher.”  Their debut EP, Everything Changed, which features “Boyfriend,” is out now.

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