Madonna romances Maluma in seductive “Medellín” video

Andy Lecompte @andylecompteMadonna debuted the music video for her new single “Medellín” featuring Colombian reggaeton singer Maluma Wednesday, during a live broadcast on MTV.

The clip begins with Madonna’s whispering voiceover explaining how she became “Madame X,” the eye patch-wearing cha-cha instructor you see in the video.  Her past included being “kidnapped, tortured and abused,” but, she adds, “I still have hope.

“From now on, I’m Madame X, and Madame X loves to dance,” she says. “Because you can’t hit a moving target.”

When Maluma shows up to one of her dance classes, the two have an instant attraction and embark on a whirlwind romance, which culminatesg in a colorful wedding celebration. The video ends with the two riding off on horseback together.

“Medellín” is the first single from Madonna’s new album Madame X, which comes out June 14.

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