Listen now: Sara Bareilles takes on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamildrops”

Atlantic RecordsAfter releasing her new single, “Armor,” Sara Bareilles has now shared a song as part of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s ongoing Hamildrops series.  

The series, which Miranda began last December, features one new recording per month of various artists covering songs that both appeared in Hamilton, and that were cut from the smash Broadway musical.  The song Sara has recorded is one of the latter: It’s “Theodosia Reprise,” a different version of the Hamilton song “Dear Theodosia.”

“Dear Theodosia” is sung by the characters of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton in the musical, about their respective children, Theodosia and Phillip.  “Theodosia Reprise” is only sung by Burr, telling his daughter that her mother has passed away.  The number was cut because Miranda felt it was confusing for the audience and focused too much on off-stage characters.

Sara singing a song from a musical is nothing new, of course: She wrote the music for the hit show Waitress and has also starred in it on and off.

The Hamildrops series will continue through the end of the year.

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