Lauv and Anne-Marie play lonely hearts in “f***, i’m lonely” video

AWALLauv and Anne-Marie have debuted the new music video for their song, “f***, I’m lonely.”

In the clip, we see the two in separate one-room apartments dancing around as they try to keep boredom at bay. They eventually venture out to the grocery store, where they share an awkward moment with their grocery carts.

It ends with Anne-Marie getting into an elevator heading back to her apartment, and Lauv watching her as the elevator doors close.

“I feel like there’s always someone there but you don’t realize it,” Lauv tells Entertainment Tonight about the message behind the video. “A lot of times we end up being isolated by our own choices.”

The song will be featured on the 13 Reasons Why season three soundtrack, as well as Lauv’s upcoming album ~how I’m feeling~.

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