Lady Gaga explains how “A Star Is Born” duet “Shallow” began as a song about death

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures“Shallow,” Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper‘s Grammy-nominated hit duet from A Star Is Born, is the first major musical moment in the movie, and it marks the point where Gaga’s character Ally literally becomes a star.  But according to Gaga and co-writer Mark Ronson, the song was originally inspired by a different plot thread, which ultimately never made it into the finished film.

“In the original script, [Bradley’s character] was going to drown at the end,” Ronson tells the Los Angeles Times. “So Gaga comes in…and she comes up with the chorus, “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in.”

“She’s got most of the thing in her head, and I’m just trying to offer some words. ‘Crash through the surface, where they can’t hurt us,'” he continues, adding, “In my mind, it was the end credits song, and he’s drowned.”

We thought it might be the ending song,” Gaga agrees. “Then as the script changed, we made it a song about the two falling in love. I do feel it was more than the literal drowning element of the original script. It was much more about wanting a deep connection and love than it was about water.”

“It’s a conversation between a man and a woman. But we didn’t know that when we started,” she notes.

Gaga also reveals that she can “only watch the first half” of A Star Is Born, and then, she says, “I have to pull myself away from it.”

“I’m still too much inside the character, and I’m still so connected to Jackson in a way that is all-consuming. I’d be lying to you if I said I can stay and watch the whole thing,” she continues.

“Some of my favorite scenes exist in the end…I know I’ll get past that, and I’m excited for when I’ll be able to watch it all the way through again.”

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