Kelly Clarkson worked on her new album on Easter Sunday: “Jesus didn’t mind”

Vincent PetersWhen Kelly Clarkson shared her Easter plans this past weekend, she ran a long list of activities that included doing yoga, going on an Easter egg hunt, opening Easter baskets and painting Easter eggs. But she also casually mentioned that one of those activities involved making new music.

“Yoga, coffee, easter baskets, egg hunt, breakfast with the little kiddos & hubby, & now I’m off to the studio to work on the new album! Happy Easter y’all!!,” she tweeted. “Not gonna lie, really excited to paint eggs w/kiddos tonight.”

The new album will be the follow-up to Kelly’s 2017 release Meaning of Life — she just wrapped up her tour in support of that disc. As for the fact that she worked on it on Easter Sunday, well…Kelly has to take her free time where she can get it.

“I don’t get many days to actually work on my record,” she tells People magazine. “So yeah, I had to work on Easter. Jesus didn’t mind, he told me.”

Kelly also told People that she refused to let her children believe that the Easter Bunny brought them their baskets.

“Sometimes I’m tired of giving credit to non-existent things. Like I’m very busy, and I took the time to shop at Target and put this all together,” she explained. “I did this — no bunny! They got chocolate, so they’re fine.” 

Kelly hosts the Billboard Music Awards May 1 on NBC.  Her new talk show premieres September 9, also on NBC.

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