John Mayer seeks restraining order against stalker he says threatened him

ABC/Randy HolmesIt’s not just female celebrities who are stalked by possibly dangerous men.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, John Mayer has asked for a restraining order against a man the singer claims has been harassing him since March.  John says the guy has been sending him both private and public social media messages, some of which mention the names of notorious killers like Ted Bundy and John Lennon‘s assassin, Mark David Chapman.

According to The Blast, another message the man sent John read, “You step from me again and I will kill you.”

In the court documents, John says the messages “have put me in fear for myself and caused me substantial emotional distress,” adding that the man’s “statements and behavior indicate an unhealthy obsession with me.”

Chillingly, John also describes how, “after sending threatening, violent and disturbing messages to me,” the guy “showed up to a public place in North Carolina knowing that I would be making an appearance.” 

Luckily, John says, security spotted the alleged stalker and stopped him from entering the venue.

John is scheduled to play Chicago, IL tonight and tomorrow night.

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