James Blunt hits the road with buddy Ed Sheeran tonight: “I hope we’re still friends by the end of it!”

Don Arnold/WireImageThe North American leg of Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour kicks off tonight in Kansas City, MO, and his special guest will be his good pal, James Blunt.  That means, James says, “we may have a few hangovers to deal with in the next few months!”

James is promoting his new album The Afterlove, which includes some songs Ed co-wrote.  Now that they’re touring together, James jokes, “I hope we’re still friends by the end of it. I hope he’s not sick of me!”

Seriously, James says, “I’m so excited….what an amazing experience to be on tour with the biggest male artist in the world right now.  But I also know him, behind the stage, to be a really fun person.” 

While James says the audiences will probably be screaming for Ed, he’ll still put on the best show he can.

“I’m gonna get up and we’re gonna play songs and I’m gonna love and enjoy every minute of it,” he says. “And hopefully, that will be infectious.”

James is also one of the more than 50 artists featured on the all-star charity single for the survivors of the recent London building fire that killed 80 people.

“I live in the borough where it happened,” he tells ABC Radio. “You woke up that morning and you could see the top of the tower and the smoke coming off it…it was absolutely devastating.” 

He says agreeing to sing on the track was “the least anyone could do,” but notes the song’s record-breaking sales weren’t what surprised him.

“I think I was more impressed by the community…who turned up to volunteer,” he says. “And I think to see the people on the ground actually…try and help was probably more impressive.”

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