Confused husband buys wife turnips instead of tulips

A Kentucky man is going viral after his wife revealed that he got her turnips instead of tulips for Valentine’s Day. Nina Harris of Hartford said her husband, Allan, told her in the early morning last Thursday that her gift had arrived. “When I got up, I had my first cup of coffee, and he said, ‘Oh, your turnips are here!’ And I said, ‘Turnips?!'”

She had told Allan the previous night that she wanted tulips for Valentine’s Day. “He wasn’t paying attention,” she recalled. “He just said ‘Yes, I know.'” Allan admitted he wasn’t listening to his wife’s words and thought she was asking for turnips for her garden. “I went and got the bucket and put the turnips in the bucket that says ‘I love you’ on it,” Allan said. “I went in there, got her coffee — and here you go!”

The remorseful husband said he ended up also getting Nina some tulips, plus candy and balloons. Nina Harris said her husband is lucky that she likes the root vegetables.