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Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock

February 28, 2019 Mary Mac 0

If you’ve ever come home and ate the ice cream that you’ve been saving, you’ll be interested in the Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock. The Pint Lock stops ice cream thieves in their tracks for […]

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Vermillion’s Polar Plunge

February 20, 2019 Mary Mac 0

This year’s 2019 Vermillion Polar Plunge for Special Olympics South Dakota will be bigger than EVER on Saturday, February 23! The Plunge will be located in Downtown Vermillion with registration starting at 2 pm inside the […]

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Hero dog saves family from gas leak

February 12, 2019 Mary Mac 0

Talk about a good dog. An 11-year-old pit bull named Sadie has been credited for saving her family from danger after she sniffed out a gas leak in the basement of their Tuckahoe, New York, home. On […]

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Honeybees Can Do Basic Math

February 8, 2019 Mary Mac 0

Talk about buzzworthy: Scientists say bees can do basic arithmetic, noting that “even the miniature brain of a honeybee can grasp basic mathematical operations.” In a new study, scientists said that bees can be taught to recognize colors […]

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TSA Will Use Floppy-Eared Dogs for Airport Screenings

January 31, 2019 Mary Mac 0

Officials with the Transportation Security Administration say they are hoping to employ more dogs with floppy ears for airport screenings, because pointy-eared canines “scare children,” PEOPLE confirms. TSA administrator David Pekoske revealed the plan, saying that the […]

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