Camila Cabello explains “pretty crazy and ridiculous” video; is honored by Save the Children

EpicCamila Cabello fans are loving her outrageous video for the new single, “Liar,” which features a woman reliving the same scenario over and over again, Groundhog Day-style. Now, she’s taken to Twitter to explain the meaning of the clip.

“The video is pretty crazy and ridiculous…but the messages are what make me most proud of it,” she writes.  “I wanted one of the themes to be true love over materialism…the other message I love in it is about living your truth.”

“The first time I try to lie, life immediately punishes me by making me choke to death,” she explains, referring to the first scene, where she dies while attempting to tell her rich jerk of a fiance that she hates him.

“Then I try to avoid [the conflict] by telling little truths, but not the actual BIG truth, which is that I’m unhappy with this…seemingly perfect fiance,” she continues. “So every time I try to ignore it, the messages become louder and louder, so I relive the same day and die every time I don’t say the real truth.”

“When I finally admit [the truth] to my fiance…the…loop is broke!” she adds. “Moral of the story: Live your truth and choose LOVE over all the other BS that doesn’t really matter.”

In other Camila news, Thursday in New York City, the international humanitarian organization Save the Children presented her with its Voice Award, for her “extraordinary dedication to speaking up on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children.”

On Instagram, she wrote, “I really hope to work with @savethechildren for the rest of my life, I felt so humbled and so inspired to be in a room full of people that dedicate their lives to making kids’ lives better all over the world.”


— camila (@Camila_Cabello) September 12, 2019

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