California man makes a jet ski he can ride on dry land

A California man has gotten pretty used to getting weird looks on the streets, as he drives around a jet ski on dry land.

Nick Stemple says he put a jet ski’s body right onto a scooter. He calls it “Scootski.”

“[My friend] built his, and I was just like, ‘That’s frickin sweet’ and I had to have one,” said Stemple.

And now that Stemple has his own Scootski, he’s never going back

Nick Stemple/Made “Scootski”: “I love this thing! I’ve gotten rid of my other motorcycles. I ride this every single day,” said Stemple.

Stemple says he got a Honda Elite off Craig’s List. His friend had the jet ski. And after about two months of work, he had Scootski.

“The first question I always get it ‘Does that thing float on water?’ And I always say, ‘No, there’s a huge hole at the bottom of it,'” said Stemple.

Scootski goes up to about 70 miles an hour, and get around 30 or 40 miles to the gallon.

Stemple rides the thing anywhere and everywhere – even the highway.

“It’s just like putting a body kit on your car,” explained Stemple.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles says you can’t take any vehicle with less than 150 cc motor size onto the highway.

But the scooter underneath the jet ski is 250 cc’s, so Stemple is good to go.

“The one thing I love about it is honestly just the way people are with you. You get like people probably just having the worst day ever, and then they just see a jet ski just going down the road, and they just have the biggest smile ever,” said Stemple.

If you want to see the bike in person, Stemple rides it all around Visalia, Calif. On May 19th, he’ll be in Los Angeles for Super Sunday.