Bebe Rexha’s brand-new debut album has already gone gold: “It’s mind-blowing!”

ABC/Paula LoboBebe Rexha‘s debut album Expectations just came out today, but it’s already gone gold, thanks to the streaming success of its songs — especially “Meant to Be,” which alone has racked up over a billion streams. 

Friday, during Bebe’s performance in New York’s Central Park on ABC’s Good Morning America, her mom presented her with the gold album award plaque, and the singer was so happy, she cried.

“It’s amazing, and especially that my mom handed the plaque over to me was a really emotional moment,” Bebe told ABC Radio about her achievement right afterward.

“It’s just, it’s mind-blowing, I think it’s been a long time coming and it’s just…I dunno! It’s kinda, I dunno, it’s amazing, I don’t know how to put it in words!” she added.

It’s hard to believe that Bebe’s just releasing her debut album now, considering she’s been releasing songs since 2012, and before that, she had success as a behind-the-scenes songwriter.

“It’s a lot more pressure, y’know?” she explained. “When you’re a songwriter and you write songs for other artists, you kinda just give it to the artist and then however it goes, it goes. But then when it’s you…you’re nervous ’cause you wanna make sure people like it, and it does well.”

It doesn’t seem like Bebe’s going to have to worry too much about that — she’s already getting a lot of love.  In fact, on Friday, she was presented with two Radio Disney Music Awards — Freshest Best New Artist and Best Collaboration — ahead of the actual awards show, which takes place tonight.

“I think that seeing the reactions from the fans is so overwhelming and incredible,” she told ABC Radio. “So, it feels great so far!”

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