Are you a dog whisper… Alexa is!

Get real time data about your dog! Find out what they did yesterday, when their birthday is, or if they have any medical conditions. 

Dog Whisperer enables you to receive real-time sleep and activity information about your dog through seamless voice interaction. You can start a conversation with your dog by saying “Alexa, ask Dog Whisperer to talk to Max for me”. Then you can interact with the skill by saying things like, “What did you do today?”, “Did you reach your daily goal?”. Or you can ask full intent questions like “Alexa, ask Dog Whisperer how much Max slept yesterday”.

Ask Alexa how active your dog was today, how much they slept, or how long they were playing. Find out if your dog has reached their FitBark daily goal, what your dogs breed is, when their birthday is, how old they are, or what their FitBark collar battery level is.