Alessia Cara reminds herself that she’s amazing in “Okay Okay”

Def Jam RecordingsAlessia Cara has released another new track from her upcoming EP, This Summer.

The song, “Okay Okay,” is a pep talk to herself. In it, she says her best friend challenged her to write a song that they could “feel ourselves to,” so she attempts to boost her confidence by listing some of her amazing qualities.

“I’m a million-trick pony/A number one and only/On scale of one to 10 I’m an 11/Okay okay/Turn pain into a paycheck/Should see me in a sundress/I do it all with ease/I should give lessons,” she boasts.

Then adds, “Maybe if I write it down/I’ll make it real somehow/’Cause everyone’s allowed to feel amazing.”

This Summer, featuring the previously released “Ready” and “Rooting for You,” comes out September 6. Alessia begins her U.S. headlining tour on October 21.

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