Alessia Cara announces new song, “Trust My Lonely,” via bizarre Instagram video

Def Jam RecordingsAlessia Cara has announced a new song via a very strange Instagram video.

In the clip, we see Alessia reading a magazine. Suddenly, another Alessia, wearing a drawn-on mustache, pops out of the left side of the frame.  Startled, the first Alessia asks “Who are you?”  The mustachioed Alessia replies, “I’m the newsman. Do you like Alessia Cara?”

“No!” says the first Alessia, confused.

“Well, I’m here to tell you that she had a new song coming out October 5 called ‘Trust My Lonely,'” says the mustachioed Alessia.

“‘Trust My Lonely?’ What does that even mean?” the first Alessia asks, but the mustachioed Alessia disappears, leaving the first one looking scared and confused.

We then hear a clip of the song, in which Alessia sings, “Don’t you know you’re no good for me/I gotta trust my lonely.”

Presumably, “Trust My Lonely” will appear on Alessia’s new album, Growing Pains, which doesn’t have a release date yet.

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