Adam Lambert doesn’t give “Two Fux” on provocative new single

Easton SchirraAdam Lambert has released his provocatively titled new single, “Two Fux” — that’s spelled “F-U-X.”

As you can probably guess from the title, he’s giving a big middle finger to all of his haters. The lyrics tell the story of being different, and not caring what anyone else thinks.

“If you think that what I do and how I live’s too much/I don’t really, really give two fux/If you think that what I say and what I give ain’t love/I don’t really, really give two fux,” the openly gay star sings on the chorus.

He also talks about repping those “aliens different like me” and “getting his inner peace in leather.”

The song is Adam’s first new original music to be released since his 2015 album The Original High. “My last project was about the chase,” he says in a statement. “This time I feel the strength of being exactly, unapologetically where I am. I’m standing my ground to inspire my fans to defy the status quo.”

Adam is currently on the road with Queen for their North American tour.

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